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				The Goal - Video Album
The Goal by Rev Chariji  - Moments With Beloved Series(Album - 4 talks) ..
File Size: 1557 MB

				From Remembrance to Liberation - Israel 1997
From Remembrance to Liberation  - Talks by Rev Chariji in Israel 1997 (Album - 2 Talks) ..
File Size: 2286 MB

				Evolve with Time - Shri P. Rajagopalachari
This video album contain two tracks of revered Chariji titled: "The New Year Message" -..
File Size: 996 MB

				50 years of Splendour
Special video release - 50 years of Splendour. The video is in high definition ready format ..
File Size: 913 MB

				A Seed for the Future
A Seed for the Future video album contains two talks of revered Chariji. For information of the..
File Size: 1124 MB

				Time is of the Essence - Chennai - 2nd February 2014
This video track contains revered Chariji's message on 2nd February 2014 at Babuji Memorial Ashram, ..
File Size: 489 MB

				The Universe Is Love - Chennai - 26th Oct 2014
Talk given by Shri Parthasarathi Rajagopalachari on 26th October 2014 at Chennai, Ind..
File Size: 495 MB

				The New Year Message - Chennai - 1st January 2014
The video item contains revered Chariji's address to abhyasis on 1st January 2014 at Babuji Memorial..
File Size: 506.5 MB

				The message of the Heart
Talk by Shri Parthasarathy Rajagopalachari given at California, US  -  1989 ..
File Size: 846 MB

				The Message of the Heart
Public address by Revered Chariji on August 2nd 1989 at Los Altos, California, USA ..
File Size: 677.5 MB

				The Goal
The Goal Video talk given by Rev Chariji from the album 'GOAL' ..
File Size: 353 MB

				The Basis of Education Is Love - Chennai - 6th May 2014
This video item contains Interview of revered Chariji by LMOIS Alumni at Master's Cottage, Babu..
File Size: 930 MB

				The Art of Mastering Life - Talk 2
Video Album - 'The Art of Mastering Life' Talk 2 - 'Restoring Balance through the Inner Connec..
File Size: 646 MB MB

				The Art of Mastering Life - Talk 1
Video Album - 'The Art of Mastering Life' Talk 1 - 'Self Mastery' given by Shri Parthasarathi Rajag..
File Size: 366 MB MB

				Teach with Love - Chennai - 25th June 2014
This video item contains revered Chariji's message on LMOIS's founder's day at Master..
File Size: 269 MB